Kari Kivinen

Dr Kari Kivinen, the Head of the Lycée franco-finlandais d’Helsinki and the former Secretary-General of the European School system,  has 29 years of experience in international education as Teacher, Deputy Head, Head, and Deputy Secretary-General. He has worked in international schools in Finland, Luxembourg and Brussels.

During his professional career he has combined his everyday work with research and further studies. He builds bridges between educational research and school system reform.

He is often asked to give lectures or keynote speeches in international seminars and conferences. During the last two years he has lectured on European School System, Finnish School System,  Media and information literacy, Multiliteracy, Intellectual Property education, Multicultural Education, Motivation & Self Regulation, Leadership, Curriculum development, and School Reform.

You can find a selection of his presentations and articles in this site.

Twitter account @Kari_Kivinen

LFF site http://www.hrsk.fi




5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I am a lady proprietor of glamour school in Nigeria. please I would appreciate if you can help me by sending primary school curriculum to me by email. This will help me to harmonize it with Nigeria curriculum to meet world expectations. To also Trianed our pupils for European school admission. I shall be grateful if you help. Thanks

  2. Hei, olen tekemässä pro-gradu tutkielmaa Luxemburgin Yliopistossa (Master in language & communication in multilingual & multicultural contexts), koskien Itävallan koulujärjestelmästä “kotoisin olevista” n.s kielimuotokuvista/portreteista (sprachenportraits, esim. Gogolin, Neumann, Krumm, Busch). Eräs tuttavani muisti osallistuneensa seminaariin jossa kerroit käyttäneesi k.o. siluetteja ja löysin myös tällaisen s.4 esitelmässäsi “The educational challenge on multilingualism in Europe”. Tutkielmani nimi on “Language Portraits – what can they tell us”, ja olisin erittäin kiinnostunut mielipiteisistäsi ja kokemuksistasi kieliportrettien lomassa. Etukäteen kiittäen ja ystävällisin terveisin, Mia Larusson Norrena, Canach, Luxemburg

  3. Good day Dr. Kivinen. I would like to ask permission if I can use the instrument you used in your study “Assessing Motivation and the Use of Learning Strategies by Secondary School Students in Three International Schools”. I am planning to use this in my thesis for my Master’s degree. I hope for your utmost positive response regarding this matter. Thank you very much Sir.

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