Intellectual Property in Education Network conference


Intellectual Property in Education Network conference 4-5.4.2017

The meeting agreed on the common IP in Education Mission Statement.

The IP in Education Network met at EUIPO in Alicante to discuss how to encourage creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship among young Europeans.

The network is mainly a pedagogical body made up of Ministries of Education from all EU Member States supported by respective Intellectual Property Offices and other relevant stakeholders like teachers and their associations. It meets twice a year in the EUIPO premises.

The objectives of the IPE Network for the 2017 are

  • To produce relevant set of IP facts and figures to facilitate the decision-making processes;
  • To explore together relevant national curricula as case studies of counties that have already introduced IP notions in their curricula;
  • To take part in the consultation of the European Commission on key competences by proposing a common answer indicating set of competences with IP related content (IP Network consultation letter);
  • To collect and share good practice between the network members (positive and effective projects, materials, campaigns, etc.),
  • If necessary to develop and test, modern, up to date resources for pupils and teachers that could serve as best practice examples and
  • To create a practical and useful social network between the civil servants working with the same issues in 28 Member States.

The role of the EUIPO is limited to that of a facilitator, supporter and resource provider in issues related to intellectual property, since it is clear that education is a national competence.

The agenda of the April meeting was very interesting.  See: Agenda IP in Education

You can find a PDF-version my case study presentation about the Intellectual Property Education in Finland. See IPE FINNISH CASE STUDY

I have made a rather similar presentation in the Intellectual Property and Education conference in Vilnius: IPE FINNISH CASE STUDY VILNIUS

I have also written an article about the matter. You can find it here: IP education in Finland

Illustration by Inna Kivinen
Illustration by Inna Kivinen



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