#FaktabaariEDU – project brief 

The audience participated actively to the election panel discussion!

The basic idea of the project is to adapt the proved fact-checking approach and methods used by Faktabaari into the education field and to provide the pupils the necessary knowledge, skills and competences as well as self-confidence, so that they could actively and critically take part in the debates and discussions in the future coming communal, presidential and EU elections.

#FaktabaariEDU intends to develop awarded Faktabaari methodology to the use of medialiteracy learning for future voters – our youth. We invest to use our experience and networks for something sustaining. We build on the Faktabaari success combined with best expertise of the pedagogical network provided by the Finnish Society on Media Education and piloting platform provided by French-Finnish School (LFF).

Finnish school system curricula have recently directed towards multiliteracy and medialiteracy as part of it – but there is a lack of methods and materials. Schools become learning platforms and they need tools like #FaktabaariEDU for medialiteracy. The #medialiteracy with future voters-project pilots the #FaktabaariEDU multiliteracy approach and tools to educate active citizens capable of acting in complex societies.  A school culture that promotes participation, realises human rights and operates democratically, lays a foundation for the pupils’ growth into active citizens.

This pilot project is based on the close co-operation between Faktabaari experts, educators, journalists and students and it uses Faktabaari and Factbar.eu channels to ensure a lasting impact to the lives of the participants.

The project objectives are to:

  • Raise awareness of methods to fight election populism and pure disinformation by fact-checking tools adapted to future voters;
  • Offer pedagogical aids and web-based environment both directly to youngsters and indirectly to teachers and youth workers who can adapt it to their work;
  • Demonstrate that youth is capable to digest disinformation;
  • Raise awareness and attain publicity via social media of the empowered youth capable of holding politicians and media accountable by using transparent fact-checking tools and spreading factually corrected material in social media, and
  • Build up to the positive deterrent to candidates and media to base their arguments to facts, if available.
#FaktabaariEDU in action

In March 2017 the students of the 9th grade of LFF

  • Receive information about the Faktabaari fact-checking methods;
  • Explore the materials of all the parties of the communal election;
  • Practice question making and answering through a role game mock-interview panel;
  • Have an opportunity to participate the real election panel with real candidates;
  • Have a possibility to give their votes in a shadow-election, and
  • Practice fact-checking activities in real life situation!
LFF – the real election panel with real candidates

More information – see project plan!

http://hrsk.fi/fr/accueil/ @HRSK_LFF

www.faktabaari.fi & @faktabaari

http://www.mediaeducation.fi/ @mediakasvatus

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