School system in Belgium: European schools vs Belgian schools


“School system in Belgium: European schools vs Belgian schools”

Choosing a school that best suits your children’s needs can be tricky. To help you make that choice and give you information on the Belgian education system and that of the European schools’, we invite you to attend our lunch time conference.


The presentations will be given by:

Mr Joe LEONARD, Mr Franck LIVIN; Belgian schools – Wallonia and Brussels

(Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles; Service général de l’Inspection)

Mr Johan GEENTJES or Ms S. VAN DEN HOOF; Belgian schools – Flanders and Brussels
(Vlaamse overheid; Departement Onderwijs & Vorming)

Mr Kari KIVINEN, Secretary general of the European schools (see presentation as PDF file: EE system 2015)


Monday 28/09/2015 from 12:00 till 14:00


Brussels, Spinelli A5G2

The conference will be given in English with questions with feedback in English and French,  after the presentation.

Invitation:  Ecoles européennes et écoles belges – final (1)

Organised by:

Staff Information Desk Brussels, Unit for Relations with Personnel

Directorate for Administrative Management

DG Personnel