Open letter to the European Schools community /Lettre ouverte à la communauté des Ecoles européennes/Offener Brief an den Europäischen Schulen Gemeinschaft


European School, Frankfurt
European School, Frankfurt

Dear all,

For over 60 years, the objective of the European Schools has been to provide a broad education of high quality, from nursery school to university entrance, offering our pupils an opportunity to be educated through their Mother Tongue, whilst being immersed in a multilingual and multicultural environment, in order to become open-minded European citizens.

I am convinced that this objective is still valid today – but it might be worthwhile revising and updating our curriculum and some of our practices, taking into account the demands of the twenty first century that our students are facing.

This autumn the ‘Reorganisation of secondary cycle studies’ Working Group  will discuss the secondary school curriculum based on earlier discussions and proposals, but also taking into account the recommendations made by the external evaluator, the Institute of Education, University College London.

We should also take time to reflect on how to make our schools a better learning environment and a more supportive and encouraging community which enhances the meaningfulness of studying at school. The motivation and the well-being of our staff members as well as the joy in learning of our students should be promoted.

All these pedagogical issues will be discussed in various forums during this school year.

I invite the entire European School community to take part in the discussion!

Kari Kivinen


Read the whole letter in English: Pedagogical letter 092015

Lettre ouverte à la communauté des Ecoles européennes  : 2015-09-LD-8-European.Key.competences-FR

Offener Brief an den Europäischen Schulen Gemeinschaft: 2015-09-LD-8-European.Key.competences-DE



Case study: How European Schools are simplifying and innovating with SAP Simple Finance and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud


Case study: How European Schools are simplifying and innovating with SAP Simple Finance and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

The European Schools were the 1st SAP Simple Finance & S/4 HANA customer (on SAP HEC) world-wide. See the PDF-file of the presentation here: SAP Case study_European Schools


The website of SAP FORUM 2015


Kivinen, SAP FORUM, 9/2015

Happy new school year 2015-2016!

Flash Mob made by ES Luxembourg
Flash Mob made by ES Luxembourg

Dear all,

We wish to welcome all the 2900 new pupils and their parents to the European School system! We now have over 26,000 pupils in the 14 European Schools and an estimated 4500 pupils in the fast-growing network of Accredited European Schools.

We would also like to welcome all the new Directors, Deputy Directors, teachers and other members of staff to the European School family!

From the earliest days, the fundamental principle of the European School system has been to bring together pupils coming from different countries and speaking different languages. We are unified in our diversity and by respecting our cultural differences, we can play together, work together and learn from each other. In these difficult times the European Schools should be promoting multiculturalism, multilingualism, mutual respect and human values to an even greater extent in a diversified but United Europe!

Happy new school year 2015-2016!

Excellente rentrée 2015-2016 à tous!

Ihnen allen einen ausgezeichneten Schulbeginn 2015-2016!