What’s worth learning? Curriculum confrontation event!

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Update 27.9.2015

Welcome Speech by Kristiina
Welcome speech by Kristiina Siimes & Kari Kivinen

Dear all,

I would like to thank you all for making our little pop-up event really something special. I have got an overwhelmingly positive feedback from all the directions!

Special thanks to all the speakers and to Mrs Siimes and the staff of  the European School of Helsinki!

What's worth learning event
What’s worth learning event

You can find below the PDF-files of the presentations:

Mr Kevin Bartlett and Mr Gordon Eldridge

CGC approach: What’s worth learning


Mrs Irmeli Halinen, Head of Curriculum Development, Finnish National Board of Education

Finnish curriculum reform 2016 –  Building the future: 

What is worth learning 2015 Halinen final2


Dr Marjo Kyllönen, Educational manager, City of Helsinki,

Phenomenal Helsinki – the joy of learning and doing together



Mrs Tuulamarja Huisman,  Councellor of Education, National Board of Education, Finnish Inspector of the European Schools

Early Education Curriculum in European Schools: the process and implementation

What’s worth learning_2015 Huisman


Kenny Andersson, Ph.D. Director, Upper Secondary School, Landskrona, Sweden

The Construction of the Swedish Upper Secondary School System

Kenny Andersson Helsinki presentation


Kari Kivinen, Ph.D, Secretary-General of the European Schools

Thoughts about European School system Curriculum rethinking process

ES presentation august KK


Dr Sandra Leaton Gray, UCL Institute of Education

(Three of) the eight key competences and why they matter

Leaton Gray presentation   and the text Eight key competences


Joy of learning
Joy of learning

All the photos by Mgr. Ludmila Hadravová! Thanks!

Update 10.8.2015

Dear all,
Greetings from sunny Finland! You are mostly welcome to Helsinki on Saturday!
You can find the final version of the program here:
The European School of Helsinki will kindly offer us the morning coffee starting at 9h30. May I propose you to bring something little – typical for your region (e.g. biscuits, chocolate etc.) – to be shared with everybody?
See you on Saturday!

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Update 23.7.2015

Dear all,

You can find the updated PDF-brochure of the event here: WHAT IS WORTH LEARNING 150815

You can upload A3-poster of the event here: Poster WWL

The number of free places are  limited. Please, send an email to curriculum.event@gmail.com to book your free access to the event!

Best summertime wishes,

Kari Kivinen

Update 3.7.2015


Phenomenon based teaching and learning use the natural curiosity of children to learn in a holistic and authentic context.  It is important for learning 21st century skills like critical thinking, creativity and communication. Find more information:


See also the pdf-file: “How to create the school of the future? Revolutionary thinking and design from Finland.

More information:



Professor Sandra Leaton Gray from London Institute of Education has confirmed her participation to the “What’s worth learning?” event:

Dr Sandra Leaton Gray is a Senior Lecturer in Education at the UCL Institute of Education, London, and education author. She has a research interest in curriculum and the future of education, and has recently led projects for the European Schools and International Baccalaureate Organisation looking at curriculum review processes and how they work best. She will be speaking about the Eight Key Competences for Lifelong Learning developed by the European Commission, why they are sometimes contested, and why we need to take them more seriously.

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Update on the 25.06.2015


The Curriculum Confrontation event takes place in the European School, Helsinki.


The European School of Helsinki (ESH) is accredited by the European Schools’ Network and is maintained by the Finnish government. It has a two-year nursery cycle, a five-year primary cycle and a seven-year secondary cycle.

ESH is unique within Finland in that its instruction is given in the three language sections of English, Finnish and French. In addition, ESH is located in the historical heart of Helsinki with excellent local facilities and services.

Update on the 21.6.2015

The Curriculum Confrontation event has got participants already from 16 different countries.

The number of places is limited. Please, send an email to curriculum.event@gmail.com to book your free access to the event!

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A Curriculum Confrontation 

A free, inspirational and up-lifting educational pop-up happening in the heart of Helsinki in the middle of the summer.

Three different learning models coming together to deliberately disrupt each other’s thinking. The potential outcome?  An optimal curriculum to educate children for a changing world.

Finnish curriculum reform 2016

The Common Ground Curriculum for international schools

European School – From Early Education to Baccalaureate

The City of Helsinki – Phenomenal Helsinki – the joy of learning and doing together



PLACE: European School, Helsinki, Bulevardi 18, 00120 Helsinki

DATE: Saturday, 15th of August, from 10.00 to 16.00.

TARGET POPULATION (150 – 180 places):

  • Educational hipsters,
  • The staff of the National Board of Education,
  • Teachers/Directors/Parents/Students of the Finnish, European, and International schools
  • Curriculum specialists

KEYNOTES (20 to 60 minutes each/English):

Kevin Bartlett (Director, International School of Brussels) is the Co-Designer and Co-Leader of two successful global initiatives: The Next Frontier: Inclusion and The Common Ground Collaborative, a curriculum and school transformation system for international and national schools. He will co-present the Common Ground Curriculum approach. There is a growing body of International and national schools all over the world choosing the Common Ground Curriculum for their nursery, primary and lower secondary studies educational framework.

Gordon Eldridge, (Curriculum Director, ISB, Brussels) is a Co-Designer of the Common Ground Collaborative.  Prior to becoming a school head, Gordon taught history, ESL and foreign languages. He is passionate about inquiry-based learning and about teaching language in the context of every discipline. He wrote the Teacher Training Center (TTC) course on Inquiry-Based Learning and has been a trainer for the Principal’s Training Center (PTC) Curriculum course for the past 10 years. Gordon writes a regular column for The International Educator (TIE) on research in education. Gordon will co-present the Common Ground approach.

Tuulamarja Huisman (Councellor of Education, National Board of Education, Finnish Inspector of the European Schools) has been involved in the creation, implementation and follow-up of Early Education Curriculum for European Schools. The EEC was implemented in 2011-2012 and last autumn a follow-up survey was administered.   Mrs. Huisman will introduce the principles of the EEC. She will also discuss about the success and challenges in implementation of a revised  education system; how to change thinking of people involved.

Irmeli Halinen (Head of Curriculum Development, National Board of Education) will present the Finnish curriculum reform ideas and challenges. There is a lot happening in Finland at present.

Kari Kivinen (Secretary-General of the European Schools) will present the status-quo of the European Schools curriculum development. The ES system is in a very interesting phase of its curriculum reform reflection and the experts of London Institute of Education have given them well-thought-out recommendations targeted to key competences.

Marjo Kyllönen (Educational manager, City of Helsinki ) will present the guidelines prepared by the City of Helsinki for the development of basic and upper secondary education in 2015 – 2020. The new curricula will bring phenomenon-based learning to the forefront alongside subject-based learning. The new education plan will integrate the skills, objectives and contents of multiple subjects and be well connected to the surrounding community, society and work life, with particular emphasis placed on the sense of community and growing together.

The happening will be as interactive leaving space for questions, discussion and open debate.

At the end of the day a summary of all the four approaches will be elaborated together with the keynote speakers and public.


No costs. Free!


By sending an email to  curriculum.event@gmail.com or through Facebook event! 180 first ones will get a seat!



Poster Poster




Why change the education system that has been ranked as top quality?

Learning week

European Commission – Learning Week, 1-5.6. 2015

Why change the education system that has been ranked as top quality?

Finnish curriculum reform 2016

Finnish Curriculum Reform Key Competences
Finnish Curriculum Reform Key Competences

Why the Finns reform radically their world famous education system?

The world in which schools operate has undergone major changes since the beginning of the 2000’s increasing the impact of globalisation and the challenges for a sustainable future.

Also the key competences needed in society and working life have changed requiring skills for building a sustainable future.

Therefore, the content of education, pedagogy and school practices must be reviewed and renewed in relation to these changes.

In order to meet the challenges of the future, the Finns focus on developing schools as learning communities, emphasising the joy of learning, and promoting student autonomy in studying!

See the presentation Finnish curriculum reform 2016 KK

PhD Kari Kivinen

See videoclip 

Learning week videoimage


Sahlberg, P. (2015). Finnish Lessons 2.0: What can the world learn from educational change in Finland. New York: Teachers College Press.

OECD (2015). Education Policy Outlook 2015. Making reforms happen. Paris: OECD

Pohjalainen, Liisa, City of Helsinki, The school of future!

Ståhle, Pirjo, articles

Halinen, Irmeli, What is going on in Finland?

Finnish National Board of Education, Curriculum Reform 2016

Special thanks to Irmeli Halinen & National Board of Education for materials!

Multilingualism and our children

European Commission, Translation Forum

Poster translation forumjpeg

Multilingualism and our children: what the future holds

Speaker: PhD Kari Kivinen, Secretary General of the European Schools

Moderator: Filip Majcen, Director B

2 June 2015 at 10.30 – 12.30, Quêtelet Room, BECH building, Luxembourg,

4 June 2015 at 10.30 – 12.30, G–12 3/18, Brussels,


See the presentation here: Translation forum 04062015

See also www.marnixplan.org