NPLI 2014 – New York

”Challenging the way we measure success”

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 “The comparative success of schools and their students generates news stories, commentaries and editorials. They provoke questions and challenge assumptions. Why are other nations “doing better?” What is different about teacher preparation, expectations for students, availability of family supports, opportunities for teacher collaboration and after-school programs?

International Forum brings together Education Leaders from around the world, including: the European Union, Finland, South Korea and the United States.”

Download here the brochure of the conference:  NPLI.2014.Brochure

NPLI goes global, July 14, 2014


PhD Kari Kivinen

I was invited to participate in the International Forum of NPLI. In the last minute I had to cancel my participation. I had nevertheless prepared a presentation, which I have submitted to the chair of the conference.

I have collected some information about the diversity of the education field in EU, and I have chosen some supporting maps and graphs to illustrate the variety of assessment practices in EU Member States (source EURYDICE). In the end of the presentation I share my  personal vision with the meeting –  Assessment should and could be used for something good!

According to my view, assessment and accountability approach is here to stay. We cannot avoid it. But, we educators should not leave the  assessment outcomes to the bureaucrats, administrators, bursars or politicians! We should use them actively to improve the learning and teaching in our schools!

Assessment can be an useful and powerful tool for an educator, if it is skillfully used for the right purposes!

Educational systems should be encouraged to promote school self-evaluation and self-regulation through internal quality assurance processes using assessment results as basis. The internal organizational self-regulation seems to be the most efficient way to achieve a positive and sustainable change in the school society.

We are now-a-days submerged and overwhelmed with the assessment data, but we are not yet profiting it effectively for school improvement purposes.

The evaluation information should be organized and shared in ways that facilitate effective use of the outcomes by schools and avoid misuse of assessment results.

There is a need –  at least here in Europe – to grow the capacity of our Heads in this field. Further training is needed to develop their ability to use and understand evaluation processes and the range of data available.

In addition, there  seems to be a need for School Heads to have specific (self-)evaluation tools and instruments to ensure that evaluation contributes to the improvement of teaching and learning.

Download here the pdf-file of my presentation!

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